Winter brings you to chillbox

Winter brings you to chillbox

The Greek frozen yogurt chain welcomes winter with even more reasons to visit for those who want to combine health and pleasure. Epic buondi coffee with chillbox cream, unique frozen yogurt chocolate soufflé and choco-pie pieces come to broaden the scope of options, highlighting the chain’s shops as entertainment meeting points.

Especially for fans of the chillbox concept, the chain gives the opportunity to combine a visit to the shop with a greater benefit than that of culinary pleasure. Through a contest, every ten days one lucky customer will win the most coveted smartphone of the market.

The Internet will be the main medium for unveiling the “arrival” of the winter chillbox concept as well as the terms and conditions of the contest, with a style and design that confirms the company’s ability to find “fresh” means of communication every time.

Please note that information about the contest is available to the public at and through the company Facebook page.

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