For the first time this year chillbox has decided to embark on a big voluntary initiative that will also take place outside Greece in every country with chillbox stores.

Taking place in 14 countries and on three continents, the effort aims to help make the lives of disadvantaged children easier and safer.

We will be achieving this through a special happy box designed for children who visit our stores. Every time a child chooses a happy box, he or she will also receive a gift while chillbox will donate its profits for every box to ActionAid.

The company’s outward-looking policy also gets a boost in France and Sweden

Second consecutive award for foreign growth.

Season’s greetings full of chillbox moments of pleasure!

Get in a Christmassy mood with an all white, chillbox decorated with your favorite toppings!

The Greek frozen yogurt chain welcomes winter with even more reasons to visit for those who want to combine health and pleasure. Epic buondi coffee with chillbox cream, unique frozen yogurt chocolate soufflé and choco-pie pieces come to broaden the scope of options, highlighting the chain’s shops as entertainment meeting points.

Especially for fans of the chillbox concept, the chain gives the opportunity to combine a visit to the shop with a greater benefit than that of culinary pleasure. Through a contest, every ten days one lucky customer will win the most coveted smartphone of the market.

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